Top Ten Reverse Swing Bowlers of All Time

Swing bowling is one of the most elusive arts in the history of cricket. Making the ball swerve in the air and move it by inches is a pleasing sight to watch. Reverse swing has probably been the biggest taboo in cricket ever since its secret was first developed and later perfected by the Pakistani pacers. It is also referred to as Irish swing in some parts of the world.

There have many great exponents of this art, who have enticed audiences with their skills, and also brought glory for their respective teams. The swing includes both traditional swing as well as reverse swing, where the ball swings in a direction opposite to its shine. But it’s an incredibly difficult art to master. Though there is lesser secrecy shrouding it than at the time of its conception, it’s still not anyone’s cup of tea. Only very skilled bowlers have been able to exploit it. Here, we take a look at the top 10 bowlers who mastered the art of reverse swing:

  1. Umar Gul

Umar Gul has been a very successful bowler for Pakistan in the international arena. He bowls with good pace and has the ability to swing the new ball. More than his skill, it has been his death bowling that has been particularly outstanding. Apart from bowling reverse swinging yorkers, he has been able to stem runs with brilliantly accurate yorkers bowled way outside the off stump just short of being wide.

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