Batting Records: Batsmen With Most Nervous 90s in ODIs

It is cognisance of the fact that cricketers don’t play for records but give their heart out to give cent percent commitment on the field. They represent their nation with tonnes of pride and play the game with grit and determination to their undisputed batting standards.

Every batsman while stepping onto the turf for the first time on the match day, tend to feel nervous while aiming to get off the mark in order to avoid the ignominy but once that’s done, things go smoothly that gives ample confidence to keep ticking the scorecard.

But the situation once again changes when an individual is struck in the 90s when wanting to unlock the milestone of an essaying a century. We have seen many players getting out on nervous 90s and let’s take a glimpse at the cricketers who got out on 90s.

#10. AB de Villiers – 6

Credits: Zee News via PTI

It’s not always that we have seen players getting tensed in the 90s at times, an overconfident attitude can also be a touch concerned as players miscalculate taking risks. You always expect a player of AB de Villiers’ standards.

The Protea productive asset who doesn’t actually look brittle in his batting technique has got out 6 times especially on the 90s. Whatever it is, AB de Villiers is by far one of the world’s greatest batsmen in contemporary cricket.

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