Teams reaching the Semi-finals of ICC World T20 2016


Bangladesh (Points 0; NRR -1.749)

Bangladesh has stormed to the Super Ten from Group A after some commanding performances in the first round. But they have failed to live up to the expectations against the big boys in the main round. With two defeats in two matches, they are staring at an early exit.

Matches left:

Bangladesh vs. India, Bangalore- 23 March 2016

Bangladesh vs. New Zealand, Kolkata- 26 March 2016


  • They get eliminated if they lose at least one of their two remaining games.
  • If they win both their remaining matches and Australia win their two, Bangladesh will get eliminated. Their only chance of qualification is to win both their matches by huge margins and that Australia lose at least one of their remaining matches so that they can end in a three-way tie with two among India, Pakistan or Australia.

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