Team India not permitted to carry wives and girl friends for SL tour

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Yes, another struck-flow, for team India, with the new BCCI rule of not carrying the players wives and girl friends with them. Literally, they are no more permitted to carry their wives and girl friends, as the cricket board concluded by putting a ban on this.

The same rule was ordered in the cricket session by ICC, when World Cup 2015 was running earlier this year. No players could have their girl friends or wives called into the room. Even a sight of vigil with them was prohibited.

And now, for the time being, it is BCCI who had taken that huge leap with burden of humiliation from the Indian media. The fact was already on air of banning entry of wives and girl friends in a tour, and BCCI had made it successful. According to sources, BCCI was looking for a short tour in the neighboring country, where they could practice the new rule of banning and ultimately, its what they made through it.

On this context, arousing words about this burning topic, how can you expect that one can talk over the most flashed couple in this regard? Yes you are right. That is the sweetest of all of them,Virat-Anushka. Yeah, in the upcoming SL tour as well, Virat can take his girlfriend Anushka alongwith him. This is the order from BCCI and everyone has to obey it as the board is keen to stick to their protocol regarding players partners.

“Most of the players on tour are just coming off a month-long break where they had enough time to spend with their families. And we’ve decided that their wives will not be allowed on tour,” a top BCCI official said confirming the board’s decision.

Psychologists say, passing time with someone of opposite sex in the midst of a continuing session leads one to the degradation of the form. So, as a sigh of relax and refreshment, one can go for shopping with friends as well as hangouts. But excess, timeout with opposite sex, brings a clumsiness in ones mood to perform.

Thus, BCCI published a new rule by blocking the wives and girl friends of the players, as they also might distract their minds from the game. Who knows??

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