Stats Corner: Top 10 Players with Most Masses of Sixes in IPL

In cricket, batting is a technique but hitting sixes against the pace of the ball is an emotion. The cricketers play for their team in an attempt to garner flamboyant sleek of runs and to put the team on the front foot so as to buckle the opposition team under pressure.

‘6’ is not only a boundary but it relieves pressure to the overall contribution of the team. The additional bonuses that the bowler can give to a batsman is by bowling loose deliveries, full toss and short-pitched balls can work wonders given the batsman’s immaculate timing.

#10. Kieron Pollard – 125*

Credits: India

It is cognizance of the fact that Kieron Pollard has the ability to pull off the balls out of the stands with relative ease. The gigantic athlete who represents Mumbai Indians franchise plays as a fruitful all-rounder whose hustle and bustle always paved the right way.

The Caribbean shovelled 125 towering sixes to his lofty standards and has by far lived up to the reputation of being the hard-hitting batsman rather than hunkering on the pitch.

Pollard is handy with the ball too as a tinge of all-rounder’s presence is an added advantage for Mumbai Indians who has always remained loyal to the same club right from the word go.

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