Interesting facts about the super-fan Sudhir Kumar Gautam

Sudhir Gautam or Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary is arguably Indian cricket’s and Sachin Tendulkar’s biggest fan till date. He can be easily recognized in any crowd thanks to the tricolor paint on his body and a conch in his hand. Here are some of the interesting trivia about the “super-fan”.

  • His obsession with Sachin Tendulkar started during a match in Eden Gardens, Kolkata in 2002 and his first encounter with Sachin Tendulkar came when Sachin was addressing a press conference and Sudhir went and fell to his feet. Sachin invited Sudhir to his home and had meals with him. This was the start of Sudhir’s undying affection towards Indian cricket and more specifically towards the Master blaster.
  • Sudhir has quit 3 different jobs to follow the Indian team around the world! He quit his job at Shiksha Mitra because to accept that role, he had to undergo training in February 2004. Instead, he set off on his cycle to Pakistan in January, not giving the job a chance. In 2005, he passed both the physical test and a preliminary examination for a job as a ticket collector in Indian Railways. He was to be posted in Lallaguda, Hyderabad. But he gave the final interview a miss as it would clash with the sixth India v Pakistan One-Day International in Delhi.
  • During a match against New Zealand at Cuttack, India was faring badly, so Sudhir ran on to the pitch to touch Sachin’s feet.The police and groundsmen took Sudhir in to custody but Tendulkar told the police not to beat Sudhir up. However, he was still thrown out of the stadium.
  • Even after many warnings from the police, Sudhir would often scale the fences and run towards the pitch to celebrate with the Indian team. He stopped doing this after Sachin advised him against doing it.
  • He has attended each and every match that India has played at home since 2003.
  • He gifts 1000 litchis to Sachin Tendulkar every year.
  • BCCI has allowed Sudhir to watch all matches that will be played in India for free.
  • He earns money by collaborating with Radio Stations and News channels and he uses that money to travel abroad to support Indian team.
  • He is easily recognizable person in a crowd
  • Sudhir’s eldest brother went the Shiksha Mitra route, the younger one, who was a mechanic at Maruti, is now a driver. Sudhir, of course, does not earn a living.
  • Sudhir isn’t close to any of his relatives and barely speaks to his parents.
  • He supports Mumbai Indians in IPL as Sachin Tendulkar is part of the team.
  • In 2011, Sudhir predicted that it was going to be a lucky year for Team India and it was proven right as India won the World Cup.
  • Earlier, Sudhir used to have ‘Sachin’ painted on his body during matches. But ever since Sachin retired, he has changed that to ‘Miss U Sachin.’
  • During India’s tour to Bangladesh in 2015, Sudhir was manhandled and beaten up by Bangladeshi fans and he claimed that they wanted to avenge the 2015 World Cup quarterfinals loss of Bangladesh against India by killing him. Subsequently, Sudhir was provided with tight security for the remaining matches in the tour.
  • At 33, Sudhir is still unmarried. He says he stayed single because he does not want to spoil a girl’s life as following the Indian cricket team would always be his priority.
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