You Cannot Believe These Old Homes Of Famous Indian Cricketers!

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world and have been the most dominant game in India. The cricketers are considered as demi-gods in the nation as they are arguably the biggest celebrities in the world’s second biggest country.

Most of the youngsters aspire to become cricketers at young age and look up to the Indian cricketing legends for inspiration. However, it is not easy for a youngster to reach the heights and become an Indian cricketer as there has been plenty of talent in the country as small kids start playing the game at tinder age.

When it comes to the Indian cricketers, everyone feels that they are very lucky to have the stardom but that is one of the most common myths existing. Some of the Indian cricketers had taken the hard road to become what they are today. It is not easy to become a player for India as it takes lots of dedication, hard work and sacrifices to earn a place in the national squad and represent India in international cricket.

Here we look at the old homes of few Indian cricketers before they became stars for the country.

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