Top 10 Best Fielders in Cricket At Present

Fielding is one of the key areas in cricket which is often immeasurable. Batting is measured by runs, fours and Sixes while bowling is measured by wickets, maidens and dots. However, fielding cannot simply be measured by catches and run-outs as it has more to do than just those two things and becoming a best fielder in cricket is no easy task.

With the increase in the intensity of the game, more focus has been shifted to fielding aspects as T20 cricket is garnering audience more than other formats. The levels of fitness in the players have also increased tremendously over the past decade as they are ready to throw themselves to save runs for the side.

From the rare legendary fielders like Jonty Rhodes and Yuvraj Singh, the world have started to see more athletic players over the past decade and here we look at the best fielders that are present in the game at the moment.

#10. Eoin Morgan

The English skipper is one of the best fielders in the cricket over the past five to six years as he has constantly impressed with his reflexes with in the circle and brilliance in the boundaries to save crucial runs.

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