Best cricket umpires of all-time

Umpiring is probably one of the toughest jobs and thankless jobs in the world. The umpires rarely get credit for giving right decisions but if they commit an error, they face severe scrutiny. Here we look at the best cricket umpires of all time who stood firm in the most adverse situations and gained immense accolades in the process.

Simon Taufel


Simon James Arthur Taufel or Simon Taufel was born on 21 January 1971 in St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia. He did not really have any intention of becoming an umpire but rather wanted to be a fast-bowler but a back injury plagued him and he had to shelve that plan. He joined a umpiring course on his friend’s persuasion. He passed all the exams and first officiated in a first-class match in 1995 at the age of 24. He rose through the ranks and then made his international debut in the year 1999 in an ODI match between Australia and Sri Lanka.

His test debut came in the following year in a boxing-day match between Australia and West Indies. Like most of the umpires he dreamt of officiating in the finals of a World Cup and that dream was fulfilled after he officiated in the 2011 World Cup finals between India and Sri Lanka. On 26 September 2012 he announced his retirement from international cricket after the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 final citing that he needed to spend time with his family. Throughout his career he was known for giving accurate decisions and seldom relied on the technology. He is one of the most respected Umpires in the World and has won the ‘Umpire of the Year’ award 5 times. Taufel has officiated in 74 tests, 174 ODIs and 34 T20s.

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